Alternative clothing for men Take your look to a funky new place

Thursday, 27 February 2020  |  Kate

Wander the high streets of Britain and you'll notice the ladies are often bright and colourful but the men... most men's clothing on the high street seems to be based around brown, blue, black or grey. Which we think is a bit sad. Why do women get the most fun out of fashion, leaving the men drifting around looking more or less invisible in their dull clothing?

Plenty of blokes, of course, are not at all bothered by the lack of colour in their lives. But we've found that the more men discover our website, the more men buy from us. Perhaps the lack of colour is simply because colourful clothes for men aren't always that easy to track down? Maybe the majority of Britain's men would absolutely love to throw on a vivid patchwork waistcoat, a pair of brightly-coloured harem pants, or a colourful tribal printed fleece pullover.

Thinking about it, we see a load of men dressed in colourful alternative clothes at the festivals we attend, and we sell a lot of alternative men's clothing on our stall when we're out and about through the summer. Which is why we thought it'd be fun to make a feature of alternative clothes for men. If you're one of the growing tribe of males who love to dress interesting, dress for fun, dress like a rebel, read on. This one's for you.

Alternative men's clothes - Blue stonewash cotton harem trousers

When you're confident in your masculinity there's no need to be afraid of flowers. Our splendidly baggy and eccentric blue stonewash harem pants make for an amazing outline and look fantastic with a fitted T, maybe your favourite gig T. For smart you can wear them with a crisp collarless shirt or one of our fab hippy T shirts printed with cool symbols. They're smothered in blue flowers inspired by the Mandala symbol. Dare you be this alternative? If so, you have our respect!

Beautifully made - OM print long sleeve unisex top

Choose from green or blue and simply throw this excellent OM print hooded top over your head and you're ready for anything. It features a strip of striped gheri fabric at the fastening, adding extra oomph, and the printed symbols are in contrasting shades. It's cosy, comfy, easy to wear and looks just as good with cargo shorts, jeans, harems or your comfiest trackie bottoms.

Funky and unusual - Medieval style heavy cotton shirt

This fantastic shirt comes to you direct from the year 1500. Not really, but you can see how cool the styling is, and how thick the fabric is. This shirt is super-heavy, beautifully made, and features dramatic collars as well as a tie-neck, simple sleeves and one breast pocket. Imagine this with rugged combats? Perfect. If you're extra-brave get yourself the red one and stand out from the crowd. It's a good, strong, definite red. Wear it over a T, no problem at all, or even over a thin jumper. Oh, and it makes perfect festival wear.

Heavy and warm - Men's patchwork fleece jacket

It's heavy, it's ridiculously warm, and it's really versatile. How's this for a hoodie with a difference? It's made from chunks of lovely patterned fabric carefully stitched together in contrasting shades, has a generous hood and it is fully lined with the softest, warmest fleece, making it a proper treat for cold weather and brilliant for keeping the after dark chills at bay in summer. This one will keep you snug for years to come.

Cool T – Our sitting Buddha men's T shirt

If you're after a T shirt with a difference, here you go. This one features lots of symbolic print in grey on black plus an embroidered Buddha and strips of razor-cut coloured cotton embellishing the sleeves. It comes with cool football shirt styling and it's just as good for the gym as it is for a big night out with the lads.

Go on, you know you're worth it

Spring is about to spring and it's about time you had a rummage is your wardrobe. Walk this way for lots of men's alternative fashion treats, all beautifully made, all great value, all a bit different from the usual boring old high street stuff.
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