Fast fashion, Earth Day, XR, and ethically made clothing

Tuesday, 30 April 2019  |  Kate

Last week people across the world celebrated Earth Day, with a strong focus on climate change and the effect humanity has on our environment and our fellow creatures. Extinction Rebellion – XR – has just packed up after a week of glorious, intense protest, taking over the capital in an effort to shame the world's governments into strengthening their climate change policies. Climate change is on everyone's agenda at long last. Our world is fashion, of course, and it's just one of many industries coming under fire from environmentalists for pollution, environmental damage and a focus on waste. The trend for fast fashion is having a horrific impact on our environment. But there's no need for it. We manage to do things better. So do thousands more small fashion businesses like ours. And that means the rest of the fashion industry can do better as well. Here's a no-excuses look at fast fashion, Earth Day, XR and ethically made clothing.

Fast fashion – It's time it disappeared

Fast fashion is a term used in the fashion sector to describe designs that progress from the catwalk to the high street unusually fast. If you're keen to stay at the sharp end of the fashion scene, you'll love it. But the term 'fast fashion' also has a darker side, describing the cheap, more or less 'throw away' clothing that some brands sell, clothing created to be worn just a few times – maybe just the once - before being chucked in the bin. It's a philosophy harnessed by plenty of household name brands on the high street, including H&M, Zara, C&A, Peacocks and Primark, and it's about time it was stopped.

Earth Day and Extinction Rebellion

Earth Day has been held annually since 1970. It's a yearly celebration held on 22nd April, when events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. These days Earth Day is celebrated in 193 countries and is organised on a global basis by the Earth Day Network. The Extinction Rebellion is a relatively new organisation dedicated to peaceful protest, set up because, around the world, governments are not doing anywhere near enough to combat global warming. Our own current government is one of the worst, one of the least interested in environmental matters, one that has cancelled numerous environmental initiatives and policies since they came into power. In fact they've spent the last four years scrapping vital Green policies. Climate change inaction has been going on for a long time. No wonder people are fed up. According to The Guardian back in 2015, “Amber Rudd has been accused of 'grotesque hypocrisy' for claiming the government is leading on climate change while overseeing a string of attacks on green policies. Some environmentalists say it’s the worst period for environmental policy in three decades.” Things have got worse since 2015, and the Extinction Rebellion is planning more peaceful action soon – as far as they're concerned, this is only the beginning.

Where do we stand? Our fashion is not fast

We've just got back from a trip to Nepal, visiting some of the family businesses over there whose hand made clothing we love so much. The unique, affordable clothing we sell is definitively not fast fashion. It's a whole lot slower and more enjoyable! It's made by hand, by dedicated families, from repurposed, recycled, natural and sustainable fabrics. Our clothes are made to last, made with love and respect, and are designed to be worn and loved for many seasons. Not just once or a few times. If you want to wear clothes with a conscience, walk this way. Even if you only go half way and mix 'n' match independent fashion with high street fashion, you're doing your bit to beat the destructive 'fast fashion' trend.

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