Gorgeous Holiday Clothes Go Indie, Be Rebellious, Make a Splash!

Monday, 25 June 2018  |  Kate

Are you off on holiday this summer? Or are you going travelling, taking an extended break? Either way, knowing what to pack is a challenge. Here are some suggestions for the perfect holiday clothing for the rebellious and the brave. Welcome to our world, where absolutely everything is funky.

Ladies - Choose versatile – Our tie dye patchwork umbrella dress

The trick to holiday packing is to take items you can wear in different ways. Our sweet little tie dye patchwork umbrella dress lets you do exactly that. Because it's sleeveless you can wear it alone, over a short sleeved top or long sleeved T, even a light cotton jumper.  

Because it's roughly knee length you can wear it as a dress or as a tunic over leggings, jeans, a skirt or even harems. Because the fit is so flowing and casual it's an incredibly comfortable wear, lovely and airy and cool. And the rich, exotic colours and patterns mean it makes gorgeous evening-wear as well as day-wear, especially when accessorised and worn with pretty shoes.  

Ladies - Choose quirky – Our classic long sleeve pixie top

Extra-stretchy fabric sits at the heart of our fantastic 100% cotton long sleeve pixie top, with attractive raised seams designed to enhance your shape. The hems and sleeves are all pointy and witchy, carefully shredded and over-stitched. It's incredibly wearable, suits all sorts of occasions, and can be worn with more or less anything from a cool Boho skirt - long or short – to your favourite pair of cargoes, leggings, jeans or some of our deliciously pretty palazzo pants, a scorching hot new style for the season.

Men - Choose rebellious – Our cool patchwork cargo trousers

When you're going somewhere hot, the last thing you need is heavy, thick trousers. These lightweight patchwork cargo pants are just the ticket in a choice of mostly-blue or mostly-green. They're supremely comfortable, colourful without being garish, lovely and cool, and a secure buttoned patch pocket at each hip makes them practical.  Roll them up to create that stylish casual holiday look - they're fabulous with a vest, a T or even a granddad shirt.

Men – Choose practical – Our fleece lined razor cut hoodie 

What about your top half? What about after dark? Do you dare to be different? Our great quality unisex fleece lined, razor cut hoodie is all you need when you're somewhere hot and exotic, just in case. When there's really no need for a jumper, jacket or coat, this splendid item wades in with enough warmth to take the edge off after dark. The intricate clever razor-cutting reveals the toning fabric underneath and the hood is spectacularly wizardy, just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Unisex – Choose harems and Ts for comfort, practicality and awesomeness

Two of our customers in particular have got their holiday wardrobe sorted. A couple, they've both bought three pairs of Wicked Dragon harems each. Then they simply grabbed a load of plain, colourful Ts each. It's amazing how many different mix and match opportunities you get from such a small and simple stock of clothing, and it's totally perfect for travelling.

What's your best holiday outfit?

Do you have the holiday clothing thing sussed? If you've created the perfect holiday outfit, we'd love to know what it is, why it's so good.


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