The Wicked Dragon Guide to Alternative Clothing

Sunday, 10 March 2019  |  Kate


For some of us alternative clothes are all about fun, being creative with what we wear for our own pleasure. For some it's a rebellion thing. Some people just adore unusual, beautiful fabrics, amazing textures, and awe-inspiring colour combinations. For others the way we dress is a great way to signal our individuality loud and clear. If, like us, you adore alternative fashion and either prefer to avoid the high street or mix 'n' match for a unique look, here's our guide to how it all started.

What, exactly, is alternative clothing?

In short, it's a way of dressing that falls outside the mainstream. It's often inspired by cult music, things like punk, hip hop, thrash metal and heavy metal. Sometimes it's more about social groupings, influenced by people like emos, goths, and the cyberpunk and steampunk movements. Looking different from the crowd usually means not conforming to popular styles and trends, but going your own sweet way with confidence and joy. It can even be an anti-fashion thing, a street fashion like grunge, a look involving complex layers of clothing and skirts over trousers – something that looked very strange indeed until we all got used to it. Sometimes dressing alternatively identifies you with a subculture or group, people with a set of beliefs and priorities that fall well outside the norm.

Alternative fashion isn't new. There have always been rebels, after all! It has been adopted by people rebelling against the concept of social class, and those who refuse to behave according to society's expectations. Fashion with attitude Alternative fashion lays down a challenge. It says, 'I don't mind what you think'. It says, 'I am confident in my own style'. It's actually a visual language all of its own, revealing the common interests and attitudes of small, exclusive groups as well as individuals. It often challenges the norms of beauty and 'good taste'. It's a means of self-expression, just like painting and drawing. And it's just as popular with fashion loners, those of us who genuinely wear what we want whatever's in fashion on the catwalk and high street – the bravest, boldest and most creative of all.

Rebels drive fresh fashion trends

Mainstream retailers and the media often turn to alternative fashion for inspiration, seeking new trends. Without the punk movement, for instance, we'd never have worn bondage trousers and safety pin jewellery. Without rock 'n' roll we'd never have worn drainpipe trousers, drape jackets and crepe-soled blue suede shoes. Without New Romantic music we'd never have transformed ourselves into heavily made-up, dandy-like, gender-fluid creatures who flounced around the streets in the early '80s looking absolutely extraordinary. That's what we call a look!

Versatile, unusual clothes – Wear them together or blend with high street styles

Our clothes are chosen and designed to be worn either together, creating an incredible whole where every item is about as far from high street stuff as it gets, or blended with today's trending styles to give the high street look an unusual edge.

The most colourful of our clothes all look wonderful worn with plain, dramatic black for sheer sophistication, and just as good with pure white. Maybe wear a colourful pixie skirt with a plain fitted top and one of today's big, boxy double breasted jackets? Or a pair of funky, bright men's dungarees with a plain navy T and a smart suit jacket. Why the heck not?!

Show us your favourite alternative outfit

Now and again our customers send us photos of their favourite Wicked Dragon clothing being worn in the flesh, in all sorts of magical and creative combinations. We'd love to see a photo of your favourite alternative outfit – don't you look fabulous!

Latest Products
Double layered cotton face cover

Double layered cotton face cover£2.00

Plain colour face cover

Handkerchief hem silky dress / skirt

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Double layered pixie style dress
Double layered silky face cover

Double layered silky face cover£3.00

Lightweight face cover

Handkerchief hem long silky dress

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Double layered long pixie style dress


Long silky sleeveless tunic

Long silky sleeveless tunic£23.00

Beautiful flattering long silk tunic
Long double layer wraparound skirt

Long double layer wraparound skirt£24.00

Indian silky maxi skirt
Nature inspired velour coat with shawl collar

Nature inspired velour coat with shawl collar£89.00  (3)

Beautiful pixie coat with leaf applique
Gheri cotton pinafore dress

Gheri cotton pinafore dress£32.00

Stonewash heavy cotton dungaree dress 
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