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Double layered cotton face cover

Double layered cotton face cover£2.00

Plain colour face cover

Handkerchief hem silky dress / skirt

Handkerchief hem silky dress / skirt£25.00

Double layered pixie style dress
Double layered silky face cover

Double layered silky face cover£3.00

Lightweight face cover

Handkerchief hem long silky dress

Handkerchief hem long silky dress£28.00

Double layered long pixie style dress


Long silky sleeveless tunic

Long silky sleeveless tunic£23.00

Beautiful flattering long silk tunic
Long double layer wraparound skirt

Long double layer wraparound skirt£24.00

Indian silky maxi skirt
Nature inspired velour coat with shawl collar

Nature inspired velour coat with shawl collar£89.00  (3)

Beautiful pixie coat with leaf applique
Gheri cotton pinafore dress

Gheri cotton pinafore dress£32.00

Stonewash heavy cotton dungaree dress 
Featured Products
Gift e-Voucher

Gift e-Voucher£5.00  -  £100.00

Gift Voucher from Wicked Dragon
Knee length wrap skirt with purse

Knee length wrap skirt with purse£29.00

Mid length wrap skirt with attached purse

Embroidered mandala dress

Embroidered mandala dress£30.00

Long sleeve patchwork dress
Mid length wrap skirt with sequins

Mid length wrap skirt with sequins£25.00  (5)

Skirt with attached purse - 3 colour variations

Velvet pixie wrap skirt

Velvet pixie wrap skirt£32.00  (2)

Pixie velvet skirt with attached purse
Sleeveless mandala dress

Sleeveless mandala dress£25.00  (6)

Mandala print dress - 4 colour options
Funky mushroom shoulder bag

Funky mushroom shoulder bag£19.90  (2)

Rainbow razor cut cotton bag 
Lace strappy top

Lace strappy top£27.00  (3)

Bohemian style top - 5 colour variations
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