21 climate-friendly tips to stay lovely and warm this winter!

We're half way through winter and this is great weather for dragons, perfect when you've got lots of lovely hot, fiery breath to keep you cosy. But what about ordinary mortals like us?

This is the time of year when we most want to stay warm, the dark days we endure as cheerfully as we can as January disappears and the spring gets a little bit closer. But at the same time we don't want to contribute to climate change by heating the house from top to bottom 24/7 and emitting more CO2 than we have to. Luckily there's stuff to do to stay cosy while remaining environmentally responsible. Here are 21 hot tips to stay snug this winter without wrecking the climate.

Eco-friendly tips to stay extra-warm this winter

  1. Cuddle up – did you know that long tailed tits and wrens like to snuggle up together to stay warm? It's so sweet to see them. Snuggling up works for humans, too... and any excuse for a hug has to be a good one
  2. Add layers of extra clothing instead of turning the heating up. Start with a thin layer next to your skin then add heavier layers one by one. Great tip – a cardi or hoodie makes a really good top layer because you can un-zip or un-button it for comfort if things get a little bit too steamy. Oh, and don't forget the wrist-warmers, a simple but very handy idea (no pun intended) for cosy, draught-free comfort
  3. Turn the heating off overnight – it's much better than heating what is effectively an empty house or flat while you're fast asleep
  4. Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees – which makes a massive difference to emissions – and throw on a chunky knit
  5. Bare wooden floors look wonderful but they're not great at keeping you warm. Think rugs for the winter. You can always store them for the summer. Add lots of colourful rugs to your home, layering them up to insulate the floors in a stylish alternative way
  6. Remember rugs look amazing hung on walls too, and they're fantastic for DIY insulation
  7. Seal up the draughts around your doors and windows. A laser thermometer is a fab little gadget that lets you pinpoint where the draughts and gaps are, which you can then seal
  8. Make beautiful, heavy door curtains
  9. Make attractive draught excluders from leftover fabric
  10. Use an old-fashioned water bottle. Heavenly!
  11. Grab yourself an electric blanket for your bed. It's even more heavenly, and it only takes a few minutes to warm the sheets up so it's toasty
  12. Reduce the temperature in your bedroom. It's easier to sleep in a cool environment
  13. Buy fluffy slippers
  14. Unless your place is open plan, shut the doors to every room so the heat stays put. And don't bother heating empty rooms you're not using. Turn those rads off
  15. Install window covers, brilliant since a dramatic 33% or so of heat is lost through windows. Buy window film and get thick, heavy curtains
  16. A sheet of foil behind every radiator radiates heat back into the room instead of into the wall
  17. Don't hide your radiators behind furniture – let them release all that lovely heat out into the room, not into the furniture
  18. Buy lots of gorgeous, stylish hats. There's no law to say you can't wear a cool hat indoors and we have some stunning felt ones to choose from, lovely and snuggly
  19. Wear fleece! Fleece is magically warm and we sell lots of gorgeous clothes either made from fleece or lined with it
  20. Blankets are fantastic for covering your knees and wrapping around yourself, and they come in all sorts of lovely colours and patterns, everything from a traditional tartan wool picnic rug to something more contemporary and fleecy
  21. Invite people round and party. There's nothing like a good social occasion to warm the cockles of your heart!

Here's to spring. In the meantime, check out our fabulously warm hoodies, coats and jackets. There's a whole world of alternative winter clothing waiting for you at our place.

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