Alternative Lockdown Clothing – Perfect for Lounging at Home

The UK has been locked down since 23rd March, which means millions of us have been mostly stuck indoors for weeks and weeks. If you've been working from home what have you been wearing? We'd love to see photos. Here are some thoughts about what to wear for working at home... and even if you're not working from home, what to wear for lockdown.

What to wear for working at home

On the other hand it can be hard to feel professional and sensible, incisive and creative, sharp and businesslike when you're lounging around in your jim-jams or spending your days in your tattiest shorts and a grotty old T-shirt! We've noticed a sharp rise in sales of clothing that works well for relaxing in. It looks a lot like people are choosing comfort over office-style smartness. It makes perfect sense when you're doing your job from your living room or spare bedroom instead of an office or business premises. Unless you're having a Zoom meeting nobody can see you, so anything goes. You need a decent balance between feeling good, looking good, and being comfortable. And we think most of our alternative fashion choices help our customers achieve exactly that.

The art of lounging for men – Lockdown in vivid colour

When you look good, you feel good. It's a thing. We all need a lift, we all need to raise our spirits, and colour is a great place to start. Take a look at our men's department. The fit of our alternative men's clothing is nice and relaxed, great for home-working. How about exploring our selection of funky harem trousers? They're great for sitting down in, not at all tight or restrictive like suit trousers or rugged work trousers can be after a long day. We have a couple of gorgeous men's waistcoats on offer, a cool alternative to a work-style waistcoat and ideal if you want to feel that little bit smarter. They look fabulous with a T-shirt as well as with one of our collarless shirts, nice and roomy. We sell some excellent hippy T-shirts and also a selection of fab hoodies too, each comfortable, well made and stylish.

Relaxed lockdown fashion for women

When you're locked down you need to feel good about yourself and the way you look, but you also want to be comfortable and practical. We have a huge collection of gorgeous dresses for women, for every season, all with wonderful alternative good looks. Ideal whether you're working from home or just hanging around at home waiting for life to return to normal. Choose a lovely oversized mandala dress with pockets, roomy and stylish, flowing and funky. It comes in a choice of crisp blue, leafy green or deep purple. Or this neat, smart little v-neck dress in lush patchwork, an a-line skirt and a fitted waist. If you prefer trousers, our wide palazzo pants are hot right now as well as a delight to wear, especially cool indoors when it's hot and sticky outdoors.

Adding colour to your kids' lives in lockdown

Make lockdown special with our range of fabulously vivid children's clothing, designed to bring a smile to their faces as well as comfortable, beautifully designed, and fun. These brilliant children's long patchwork trousers, for example, are unisex, beautiful, easy to wear, versatile and really comfy. 

Cool extras to make your lockdown better

Once you've got your clothing sorted, how about the vibe? Locked down homes can soon feel stale and dull, but a few sticks of delicious incense make all the difference, adding exotic scents and banishing less-than-fresh niffs. If you're lucky enough to have a garden to escape into, you might appreciate one of our stunning sun hats. We have a vast collection of unusual hats, packed with fun and personality, as well as handy bum bags and belt bags to keep the bits and bobs you need handy as you wander around the house.

Stay safe, stay well, stay funky!

Your friendly Wicked Dragons are busy every day packing up beautiful alternative clothes to send to your doorstep. We'd love to see photos of you relaxing at home – feel free to email us with your pics!

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