Festival clothing 2018 – Unique Festival Wear

Most of us are having the most glorious spring compared to 2017, when it felt like it rained for months. The sunshine has perked us up over at Wicked Dragon HQ, and we've been totally inspired by our magical trip to Nepal. Back home with fresh eyes, we've sourced some really exciting festival wear, all of which is also wearable in normal life.

This time we're showcasing two amazing festival outfits, one for women and one for men, as well as giving you an idea about accessorising them.

Women's festival clothing special – A cool one for the ladies

Sometimes you see something so fantastic, so stunning that you cannot resist it. Reistance is futile. This time we gave in immmediately. You don't have to think for long to make the decision to buy these utterly fab summer palazzo trousers.

These pants tap right in to the trend for wide, elegant trousers, which also just happen to lengthen your legs like magic. They float and flow around you in a deliciously cool, fresh way. And they come in a suite of flowery, tropical colour combinations that are boho enough, pretty enough to blow your mind without veering off into total hippidom. In fact they're rather sophisticated, don't you think? Imagine them worn with a fitted plain black top and heels, with your hair up and a massive necklace? Awesome party wear.  

OK, that's your festival bottom half, ideal for floating around in a field in the sunshine. Now for the top half. We think that for festivals, when it's fun to take things over the top, the palazzo pants look great with the black version of our strappy vest top, in eyecatching black tie dye with teeny, thin spaghetti straps. Nice.

Accessory-wise, all that tasty colour asks for a delicate piece of jewellery. We've got a few each of a few really nice silver items left, all with that unique dragon-y touch our customers enjoy so much. 

Men's festival clothing recommendations – Men behaving bravely

Let's face it. Most men spend most of their lives in black, grey, brown, blue and white, maybe going a bit off piste with colourful socks. The festival season gives colour-starved blokes the chance to throw off the greys, grab some colour and let it all hang out. Here's what we recommend for a summer we hope is going to be an absolute beauty.

If you're going to do something, do it properly. That's why we're pointing you in the direction of these splendid long patchwork harems, the ultimate in baggy amazingness and just the thing to please your bold festival alter-ego. They're big, bold, happy and fun, just like you when you're let loose in front of your favouroite bands. The colours might be unusual, but they're not actually loud. And these pants are – trust me - ridiculously comfortable.

Grab a T. Then throw on the brown version of these cool patchwork waistoats and you're actually nice and colourful without looking like you've run away to the circus.

If the weather's going to be as good as we all hope, a hat is our final recommendation. Make it a hat with decent brim to cut the sun's glare, so you can see the stage, and make it a lined cotton one. A bucket hat is ideal.  

All we have to say now is this: have the best, brightest festival season yet. We'll be at a few events this year so if you see our stall, come and say hello!  




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