Spring fashion trends for 2019 – Tie dye is mega-hot!

“Up until fairly recently, tie-dye was as dead as a doornail. But then Beyoncé wore it on holiday on the beach, Dree Hemingway chose the print for a red-carpet event and Justin Bieber turned up to church wearing it. Cult LA brand The Elder Statesman made it a mainstay of its vibrant, California-inspired collections. Last season, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney and R13 turned it into a catwalk trend and the high street is already making copies. Tie-dye is back.” 

Harpers Bazaar January 2019.

At Wicked Dragon we're not really into fashion, the kind of crazy-creative clothing that starts life on the catwalk one year and filters down to the high street months later in a watered-down, less extreme form. We're much more into style. Style has very little to do with fashion, if anything, but it has everything to do with wearing what makes you feel good, enjoying yourself, making a unique impact all of your own.

Having said that, we were delighted to see predictions about tie dye enjoying a resurgence for 2019. And we're still delighted even though some fashion mags are being a bit sniffy about the return of tie dye, making catty comments about hippies and the 1960s.

We have plenty of tie dye for you to play with if you fancy sneakily stealing ahead of the high street. Here's a link to lots of yummy, vibrant alternative clothing, all with tie dye at its heart. Happy shopping!

“If you thought tie-dyed garments were reserved for your summer camp days in the '90s or for Grateful Dead obsessives, think again. At New York Fashion Week, designers are employing the beloved hippie print for Spring 2019, proving that the spinning, psychedelic colours are making a comeback.”


Tie dye fashion on the high street

You could buy a Proenza Schouler PSWL Tie-Dye Cotton-Poplin Shirt for £216.00 at Moda Operandi. You could hop over to Asos and grab yourself a men's pink and white tie dye denim co-ord windbreaker and matching shorts. You could buy a tie dye swimming costume from Net a Porter for almost seventy quid. Or you could trundle around our tie dye department and fill your boots with lovely stuff for a whole lot less. Here's a link to oodles of gorgeous tie dye clothes.

Three tie dye masterpieces to enjoy – A funky, flattering tie dye short sleeve top

Our lovely tie dye short sleeve top is a feast of subtle colour, spot on for the current trend. We adore the superb lilac, purple and brown version, all smoky and sophisticated. The teal and green one is equally cool, ideal for wearing over skinny jeans. And the amber and beige version is cool and calm. They're all wearable as a dress, a tunic, or a top.

Tie dye Palazzo pants – The ultimate trouser style for 2019

Our tie dye wide leg trousers are incredibly trendy as well as a great wear, comfortable and stylish. Choose from purples and lilacs, teal and turquoise, and a classic boho rainbow version that looks brilliant with a plain black top. You can either wear them with loose ankles or gather them for a pretty balloon outline. If you fancy taking your look to the next level, rebel with a pair of these awesome patchwork tie dye bell trousers, a real eye-catcher. 

Long tie dye velvet skirt – Yum!

Our beautiful long tie dye velvet skirt is a wonderful thing, available in pale turquoise and dramatic black, each smothered in the most wonderful, creative tie dye and every one unique. It looks fab with one of today's big, boxy double breasted jackets and a sparkly top.

3 pages of tie dye fashion to explore

We have three full pages of delicious, colourful or subtle tie dye clothes to explore, many at cool sale prices. Get some colour on for spring and summer!   

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