Climate Change special – Love your pre-spring, post-winter wardrobe!

Climate change is causing havoc in more ways than you might think. Not so long ago you could roughly predict the general sort of weather we'd have at various times of year in the UK. Now it's getting less certain by the second. Unusual weather conditions are becoming the norm, and unpredictability is fast becoming one of the few things we can still predict!

In 2018 Britain endured a heatwave of epic proportions, lovely but not great for crops and wildlife. Earlier in the year we had the Beast From The East, a frigid arctic attack that left much of the nation covered in snow. And in early September the press reported on 'bizarre' weather extremes that saw temperatures dropping close to freezing in some parts of the country, while others enjoyed summery temperatures of 25C. While the weather isn't the same thing as the climate, a changing climate is definitely affecting the weather.

Against a weird weather landscape like this it's tough to predict what clothes you'll need, especially when the seasons are about to change: the change between winter-spring, spring-summer, summer to autumn and autumn to winter. The demarcation lines that were once clear are less clear, and that means it takes more imagination and creativity than ever to get your body temperature right from day to day. It's no fun being hot and sticky, nor is it particularly enjoyable feeling chilled to the bone.

In a world where winter can be as warm as summer, summer can be downright chilly, and temperatures can chop and change by the day, how do you stay comfy without having to constantly take clothing off or add it back on? Here's some advice from your favourite dragons.

10 tips for weird weather comfort and good looks

  1. Layering is the very best way to make sure you're comfortable whatever the weather. If everything but the inner layer is either zipped, buttoned or done up with something else, say straps or Velcro, you won't have to constantly pull things on and off over your head, and wreck your hair in the process. All you do is unzip or unbutton to let the air flow through and cool you down. The opposite applies – a simple zip-up is so much better than struggling with multiple over-the-head jumpers and fleeces
  2. Bear in mind that, as a general rule, layers of thinner clothing work better to capture and hold onto heat than a couple of big jumpers. If you don't want to look bulky, two thin layers plus one thicker one, for example a long sleeve T with a short sleeve T on top plus a zip-up fleece or cardi, will keep you looking slimline as well as nice and warm
  3. Look  out for lined clothing, which adds another layer without making you look bulky
  4. Layers look great on your legs, too. Take one of our fabulous little popper skirts. Throw on a pair of woolly tights, than add a pair of over-the-knee patterned socks over the top, and a pair of colourful ankle socks over that, then add boots. If you get too hot, you can always peel a layer of socks off
  5. Disguise is good! You can wear a pair of cotton harems, designed for summer, all year round when you add a pair of leggings, tights, socks, thermal underwear or a combination of all the above underneath. In fact thermals are a brilliant way to stay warm while wearing less, and doing so can be more comfortable than multiple layers, too
  6. Cold now, warm later? Things can change fast part-way through the day, leaving you less than comfortable, either wrapped up like a sweaty parcel or blue and shivering. Neither are much fun. Watch the forecast and dress for the weather you're in, planning for the weather ahead. If it's nice now but nasty later, take the middle ground and make sure you can button up enough or add another layer while still looking and feeling good
  7. Are you a hat person? While it's not true that you lose loads of body heat through your head – it's an old wives' tale – a warm head helps the rest of you feel cosy. Our embroidered fleece hat does the trick, with its overlock stitching and beautiful swirly embroidery, warm stretchy fleece, and partially elasticated back for a great fit
  8. Scarves are also brilliant, easily un-windable when things get a bit warm
  9. A coat with a hood means you don't necessarily need a hat. A hood is super-easy to pull up and down, and unlike a hat it is impossible to lose!
  10. A really thick, chunky coat means you don't need to wear as many layers underneath – and we have plenty of lovely, chunky men's coats and women's coats in store for you. When you wear zippable or buttoned layers underneath it, it's easy to vary your temperature without having to constantly take items of clothing on and off

The magical thing about our clothing is you can combine it easily, playing with colours and patterns to create uniquely interesting looks. Better still, one of the biggest catwalk stories around right now involves mixing and matching colours and patterns: floral prints with tartan, stripes with spots, you get the picture.

Go layer. Stay warm. Remain cool. Be comfortable. And do it all in classic Wicked Dragon style. We'll see you soon.  



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