Coffee boots, crazy clothing, fashion item of the month and more

So what delights do we have for you this month? There's always lots going on in our world of gorgeous boho fashion, amazing alternative clothing and happy hippy style. This time around we're exploring waterproof boots made out of coffee grounds, London Fashion Week's approach to covid versus New York Fashion Week's, the rise and rise of the Boho floral dress, dreadful fashion mistakes, and our 'item of the month'.

Crazy waterproofs – Vegan coffee ground boots

Footwear is a terrible source of fashion waste. There are 7.8 billion people living on our gorgeous blue planet, many of whom have at least one pair of shoes. Some people in wealthy countries have many, many pairs of shoes. So in an environmental and climate change sense, shoes are important.

Enter coffee grounds, which science says are harmless. The sustainable shoe brand Ccilu has developed a new collection of waterproof boots. They're called XpreSole Panto, and they're made using recycled coffee grounds in combination with other eco-friendly stuff.

The grounds are collected from Taiwan's coffee shops before being upcycled using technology specially developed by the company. The boots are being marketed as high-tech certified vegan footwear, and their production reduces the carbon dioxide and methane emissions created when manufacturing ordinary shoes.

London Fashion Week fails on Covid precautions, New York does the decent thing

The organisers of New York Fashion Week 2021 are insisting all attendees wear face masks indoors. To enter the event you must have had your covid jabs. For London Fashion Week, participants flying in from abroad won't need to quarantine. Politicians have decided models, designers and photographers flying in from amber list countries will be allowed in without isolating themselves in the UK on arrival.

Maxi tea dresses - The boho chic vibe just keeps on growing

Actress and singer Emma Roberts of TV's 'Unfabulous' fame has been spotted in New York City embracing the boho chic vibe in a flowing floral dress, worn with 'edgy' combat boots. It's just one of a flurry of reports about celebs wearing long, flowing tea dresses in floral and textured designs. Have you taken a look at our maxi tea dress styles yet, many made from luscious tie dye fabrics?

Horrid fashion mistakes

When was the last time you got dressed, left the house, arrived at your destination then realised you'd made a massive mistake? You're not the only one. Fashion fails are always big news, so we thought we'd drum some top mistakes for you to giggle at. This article from Cosmopolitan delves deep into some truly shameful fashion disasters, while this one from the Daily Mail is just as cringe-worthy!

One of our customers has shared a fashion nightmare of her own. She wanted to make a skirt but didn't have a zip, so she elasticated the waistband instead. Chuffed with her creativity, she wore the skirt down town. Waiting in the queue at the supermarket she had an odd feeling, a kind of slippage. Glancing down she realised the elastic had broken and her skirt had fallen down. There she was in her knickers, with her skirt puddled around her feet and the whole of Sainsbury's laughing at her. OMG!

What about your own worst ever fashion faux pas? We'd love to hear all about it, along with photos of the style successes you've achieved wearing our fabulous alternative clothing.

Item of the month – August

So what's our item of the month? If you're bargain hunting we have a stunning asymmetric hem tie dye dress for you, made from fresh, light rayon and available in two stunning colour-ways. It's a bargain at less than £20. Like most things we sell, it's unusually versatile. A little bird tells us they wear two at once, creating warmth as well as a double layer of floaty vivid colour. What a good idea!

You can wear it as a dress, of course, but it also doubles as a gorgeous tunic over a long skirt, harem trousers, or a pair of our patchwork rainbow tie dye trousers. Wear it with edgy boots like Emma Roberts, or with pretty sandals for a feminine look. And you can wear a long or short sleeved T underneath and a wrap, pashmina or cardi on top for even more creative layering.

We'll be back with more alternative fashion fun and games in September. In the meantime we send love, wish you well, and hope you enjoy shopping our awesome collection of alternative clothes.

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