Colour your life with our stunning bags – Then get creative!

A vividly colourful patchwork hippie backpack. A creamy Himalayan hemp backpack with lush patterned panels. A mushroom screen printed shoulder bag. A swirly chakra shoulder bag or a satchel bag in brilliantly coloured patchwork. A recycled vintage silk bag or a fabulous little belt bag. There’s more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Right now we have a grand total of 31 stunning bag designs for you to choose from, large to small, subtle and vibrant.

Whichever you choose they all go perfectly with our beautiful hippy clothing and alternative fashions, the icing on your style cake! It might be for shopping, for work, for school, for college, for festivals or a gift. Whenever you need a gorgeous bag, we have the perfect style and design. They’re all well made from quality materials, built to last as well as great-looking and stylish.

In some cases, because they’re made by hand, every bag is slightly different. So yours is unique. If you ever manage to wear your bag out, or you get bored of it and fancy a change, is there anything creative you can do with it? Many of our alternative clothes and bags are made from recycled and repurposed fabrics in the first place. Why not can carry on the good work by using your old bags in creative ways? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

11 ways to re-use an old bag

  1. Short of storage space? Use your old bag to store essentials in the bedroom – hang it on a doorknob and use it to stash your socks, your collection of gloves, your tights, or your hats – or hang it in the wardrobe to help keep your things organised – also perfect for storing craft materials, scraps of fabric, tubes of paint, files and documents...
  2. The same goes for the kitchen. If you’re short of room use an old bag to stash your tea towels, cleaning gear, used plastic bags, or your recycling
  3. Plant it up! Add a plastic waterproof lining to your old bag – a tough plastic bag of any kind will do, as long as it doesn’t leak – then fill the plastic liner with compost and plant house plants in it. A spider plant is an attractive choice, being so easy to grow and not needing much water. Hang it from a hook ‘70s style and enjoy the funky look
  4. Put a suitable-sized pant pot and plant pot saucer inside the bag then plant it up instead of lining it with plastic - it works just as well
  5. Take the straps off and stuff the bag full of old fabric, or use a cushion pad to make your old bag into a stylish decorative cushion for a bed, settee or chair
  6. Make it into a cosy bed for your cat or small dog, taking the straps off and lining it with layers of fleece
  7. Hang it on the wall for decor. Our bags are attractive enough to be used as wall art
  8. Cut it up and make patchwork squares for your own patchwork quilt or throw project
  9. Use the fabric to appliqué onto clothes you want to refresh and re-use – how about gorgeous patches for your old jeans? Or colourful cuffs and hem for a plain shirt?
  10. Use the fabric to make your own lampshade – you can but wire lampshade forms at craft shops
  11. Need a laundry bag? Our larger shoulder bags are perfect for storing your washing

We’d love to see what you do with your old bags. Do you have any creative ideas for re-using handbags, shoulder bags, belt bags and backpacks?

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