Easter fun and wicked alternative fashions

It felt like a very long winter. Now it’s almost Easter and we’re celebrating the advent of spring. Are you feeling happy? We are! So what do people around the world do at this time of year? As you’ll find out, some of it is pretty unusual! And what will you wear for your Easter weekend adventures? We’ll give you some bright ideas. Let’s explore all the fun of Easter, your first real chance every year to wear lighter alternative clothing thanks to the nice weather.

Easter celebrations around the globe

Like Christmas, Easter is a bit of a mish-mash. There’s the Christian side of things, of course. But there are bunnies, eggs, baby chickens and much more on the radar as well as religious resurrections. Behind the Easter we’re familiar with, deep in the past, lie much older, more arcane reasons for celebrating this time of year.

In Poland, for example, people hurl buckets of water over each other in an event that celebrates the baptism of a Polish prince many hundreds of years ago. Called Wet Monday, the idea has spread into other countries. One small town, Bessières, in south west France celebrates Easter Monday with a huge omelette made with around fifteen thousand eggs. It’s all about the Emperor Napoleon, who enjoyed an omelette made in the town so much he ordered a massive one to be made to feed his army.

Scandinavian kids treat Easter a bit like Halloween, dressing up and going out and about, asking passers-by for chocolates and treats. Sometimes they carry twigs with feathers attached. And the Greek island of Corfu celebrates Easter Saturday by throwing old pots out of windows. The tradition was copied from Venice, where they throw out unwanted possessions on that day. We have no idea why ;) And since the early 1920s Norwegian people traditionally read crime novels and watch detective dramas on TV. In Russia they make lambs out of butter. In Sweden on the Thursday before Easter kids dress up as Easter Hags.

Why rabbits at Easter? It’s an Eoestre thing!

Why Easter bunnies? Some say the symbolism is lifted from the Pagan Festival of Eoestre. The Easter Bunny as we know it started off in the USA, in the 1700s, when German immigrants in Pennsylvania brought stories about Osterhase with them from Europe, apparently an egg-laying hare for which children would make nests. In Australia the Bilby, a local endangered animal, replaces the Easter Bunny.

Why do we eat Easter eggs?

Eggs represent new life and rebirth. In Medieval times you weren’t allowed to eat eggs through Lent, the 40 days before Easter, so eating egg at the end of Lent was a huge treat. The tradition carries on with chocolate eggs and Easter egg hunts.

Alternative clothing for a warm, dry bank holiday

The Met Office says this Ester will see plenty of fine, dry and warm weather for most of us. It might be a bit cloudier and cooler on some coasts, with maybe some patchy rain or showers in places, but they’ll be light. Compared to many Easter holidays, when the weather has been absolutely awful, it’s going to be lovely! So we’re thinking light, bright boho clothes to make you feel happy, springy and fresh. For men, we have some wonderful bohemian treats. How about a wicked pair of black baggy trousers with a bold Mandala print on one leg and a handy pocket? Or a dramatic pair of bright hippie patchwork dungarees? Team either of them with our unisex short sleeve hippy tops with cool symbols on the front and you’re ready for anything. Add a chunky hoodie just in case things get a bit chilly.

For women? This is the season when our beautiful bohemian skirts come into their own, wearable with bare legs, leggings or thick tights depending on the temperature. It’s also the perfect time of year for our embroidered patchwork sleeveless dress or a mandala print short sleeve dress, either alone or over a warm top. And we have some amazing light jackets for you, perfect for early spring. All of our fab alternative fashions are mix-and-match. Everything goes beautifully together, with creative outfits at the heart of everything we do. We wish you a warm, comfy, fun and stylish Easter doing the things you love to do with the people you love.

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