Exciting news – Two cool sustainable alternative fashion treats!


Sustainable fashion is massive at the moment, set to become even more popular as an environmentally responsible and fun way to enjoy alternative clothing. It’s all about recycling and re-using while doing good, while placing affordability at the heart of your style. Are you ready for something a bit different? We have two pieces of great responsible fashion news for you, both tapping into today’s desire to make things last, recycle, and re-use. Two new sustainable clothing collections are underway, and we’d like your help naming one of them...

Unique one-off alternative fashions on sale for the first time

First, our collection of unique one-off creations. One of the best things about running an alternative fashion store like ours is the one-off designs we’re sent by the lovely people who make our clothing. As creative spirits they come up with some fabulously bright ideas, many of which actually go into production and end up for sale on our site. If not we keep them anyway, and over the years we’ve gathered a large collection. They’re fresh and unused, and there’s only one of each available. So we’ve decided to sell them on our website and via Etsy as unique pieces, and we’ll gladly accept returns.

Used Wicked Dragon alternative fashion for sale

We really love the idea of a circular economy where nothing is wasted, and the idea has also inspired us to start selling used Wicked Dragon clothing on our website. It’s going to work in two ways. One, we’ll re-sell returns from customers which have been sent back but can’t be sold as new. Many are perfect, others have small faults or subtle repairs. We used to sell these at festivals and other events on a Sale rack, but we don’t focus so much on events these days so we’ve got a load of fantastic items waiting for good homes. Then there are the clothes our customers have adored, looked after, kept in great condition, but no longer wear. You know what it’s like – sometimes you’ve had all the pleasure you can get from a piece of clothing, and you’d like someone else to enjoy it for the rest of its life. We’ll soon be encouraging our customers to send us their no-longer-loved, pre-used Wicked Dragon items in exchange for a store credit. We’ll inspect them, repair them if necessary, clean them, and then re-sell them at great prices. We’ll sell them at a much cheaper price than brand new and while we won’t accept returns, you’ll be able to discover some spectacular bargains.

Can you help name this exciting new collection of sustainable fashion?

What do we call our innovative used fashion collection? We’re not keen on ‘pre-loved’. It doesn’t quite fit. So this is where you, our wonderful customers, come in. Do you have any inspiring ideas about how to name the collection? We’d love to hear from you. We can’t wait to set everything up, launch our new initiatives into responsible fashion, and open our new collections so you can explore. Keep coming back to check. If you sign up to our newsletter, we’ll be able to let you know when it’s time to dive in!
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