Go blue like the ocean with these wonderful alternative fashion treats

It’s a love thing, and it reaches right back into the ancient history of humanity. As you approach the water you can feel your spirits lifting. The sound of the sea, the beautiful colours of the shallows and the depths, the fresh salty spray and the dramatic crashing waves, it reaches deep inside us and makes us feel wonderful.

Wild swimming in rivers, seas and lakes isn’t new. Charles Darwin loved cold water treatments, feeling they were of great benefit to himself and his beloved daughter. What is new is the boom in cold water swimming we’ve seen since covid kicked off, and it looks like Darwin was right. There’s strong evidence that swimming in rivers, lakes and seas can alleviate depression and anxiety. The cold can also help fight runaway inflammation, where the immune system’s response to infections and injuries goes wrong and becomes chronic.

Immersion in cold water gradually reduces stress levels in everyday life and generates a greater sense of wellbeing, even when you’re suffering from mild or moderate depression and anxiety. So we’re delighted to reveal our latest collection of alternative clothing inspired by the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes that sustain, heal, and inspire us. Let’s dive in!

The fabric – inspired by beautiful blue waters

Lovely lightweight Viscose sits at the heart of these three styles, a fabric that flows beautifully when you move, falling into soft folds that feel cool and fresh against your skin. The material has been carefully dyed in simple patterns to create a watery effect that speaks to the delights of spending quality time in the wet stuff. It’s a colour scheme that brings back memories of great times: beach parties, hot sunny holidays, scuba diving, paddling at the sparkly edge of the sea, swimming steadily along a deep, cool river as the current tugs at your body and the sun shines down on your head.

Choose a deep blue-grey with accents of black and deep purple, suggesting gorgeous cool depths. Pick the mid-range colour, a rich deep green scattered with darker blue-greens and navy. Or go for the brightest option, which brings exotic tropical seas to mind with vivid turquoise blues and vibrant greens.

Stunning long tie dye wide leg trousers in a choice of ocean shades

Our brand new long tie dye wide leg trousers are super-wide, containing generous amounts of fabric. They’re gathered at the waist into a wide elasticated band that feels great and helps you achieve a fabulous fit. And like the rest of the items in the collection, they’re great for casual wear as well as for parties. It’s all about the way you wear them. An everyday plain white or black top adds to the drama – and something sparkly in a contrasting or toning shade lifts them into something uniquely special for late nights and stylish celebrations.

Beautiful tie dye handkerchief hem dress

Our pixie dresses always go down a storm, and this new water-inspired version is no exception. This is the ultimate in summery, a dress style that flatters every shape and size, available in free size and plus size. Generous amounts of fabric make the skirt special, enhanced by the pointed hems that give it a gloriously witchy look. The elasticated bodice is the ultimate in comfort and always delivers an excellent fit. Elegantly slim straps complete the picture. You can even wear it over a vest, fitted T or long sleeve top if you like.

Lusciously long tie dye handkerchief hem pixie skirt

The third item in the collection, our long tie dye handkerchief hem skirt comes with the same signature broad elasticated waistband as the trousers, a supremely comfy wear even when your weight tends to go up and down like a yoyo. It’s wearable with a multitude of tops, from floaty peasant blouses to boho lace cardigans and pretty shrugs, tight Ts and patterned tops, sparkly vests to roll-neck sweaters.

Which will you choose – and how will you wear yours?

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