Layer up like it’s the ‘70s with alternative winter coats and jackets

The weather’s turned cold and we’re seeing a rush on the warmest items in our store, our alternative jackets and coats. One of our customers has sent us a message about why she’s buying a more of our cosy clothing this year, something we thought we’d pass on. Here’s Kate’s story.

“Like most people we’ve been worrying about high energy bills. Last winter we had our electric radiators on all winter. This year we’re only heating the rooms we’re actually using, usually just our home office in daytime, the living room at night and weekend, and the bedroom at night.

Talking things over with family, our gran says it’s like being back in the 1970s. When she was little they had a gas fire in one ground floor room of their terraced house and a real fire in another, the rest of the house stayed cold. It was normal to get frost on the inside of your bedroom window. That’s just the way things were.

Talking more, we realised last winter’s way to stay warm maybe wasn’t a very good idea anyway. It seems strange, looking back, to keep the central heating on in rooms we weren’t using. So we’ve gone retro instead, wearing more clothes indoors.

Today I’m wearing a pair of thick tights, some socks, a pair of printed velvet leggings, and fleece lined boots. I’ve got a thin black summer pencil skirt under a green and purple tweed pencil skirt. On top I’m wearing a black short sleeved cotton top under a long sleeved one, a wool jumper, then a wool cardi and a fleece lined razor-cut hoodie. I’m actually enjoying it. It gives me an excuse to ‘dress up’ indoors.

We’ve learned how to be comfortable even when we’re only heating a couple of rooms at a time. Our energy bills won’t bite us on the bum as badly as we thought they would, and I get to buy more of your lovely stuff!”

Layer up like you’re back in the ‘70s

We agree. We’ve always been into layering. Our gorgeous alternative fashion is perfect for it. In summer we layer soft, floaty fabrics and cool cottons to stay fresh, in winter we layer up the tops, woollies, hoodies and jackets to stay super-cosy. This year it matters more than ever. Let’s take a look at some of our gorgeous alternative jackets and coats, many of them unisex. Most have funky fleece at their heart for winter comfort indoors and out.

7 hot alternative fashion jackets and coats

Follow these links to discover beautiful warmth with a hippie difference:

Unisex rainbow hippie woollen jacket

Flower Mandalas long fleece cotton jacket

Fleece lined patchwork hooded jacket - only a few left! 

Long fleece lined patchwork jacket

Unisex rainbow wool jacket

And a very merry festive season to you all!

Happy shopping, lovely people, whether you celebrate the solstice or Xmas, something else or nothing at all. Stay warm, stay positive, and we’ll see you in January 2023.

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