Lockdown special – Stay comfy, be chilled, love our dungarees!

We're in lockdown again, and this time it's a wintery one. Brrrrr. Luckily this is the perfect time of year for dungarees, absolutely ideal for lounging around at home in comfort and style. We've sourced some smashing new versions for you, all soft and snuggly. They join our already impressive collection of the most-fun dungas you can imagine. Here you go, lovely people. Welcome to our dungaree special, featuring just a handful of our large and stunningly nice dungaree collection. Have a load of this, and stay safe until lockdown ends.

Ladies alternative clothing – Grab a pair of these winter harem dungarees!

Our seriously good snuggly winter harem dungarees with pockets are crafted with love from beautifully warm, soft acrylic wool fabric. The adjustable length shoulder straps mean they're always a great fit, and they've got lots of useful pockets so you can carry your essentials around with you. They feature the classic button-up sides you expect from the best dungarees, and the elasticated ankles banish draughts. There's a good, generous fit at the hips for sheer comfort, and they come in a range of beautiful colours and patterns. When we buy these dungarees they arrive in a batch, and every pair is ever so slightly different. Such fun! Your pair will be unique, which is what alternative clothing's all about. Choose from six cool colour-ways and see what you get. Every pair, every pattern, is as lovely as the next.

More for the ladies - Winter baggy dungarees in vivid fleecy wool

If you prefer the baggy dungarees look to the harem dungarees look, these winter baggy dungarees are for you. Again they're made from superbly soft and cosy acrylic wool fabric, and there's a choice of luxurious, exciting patterns and colours. Every pair is unique, so there's a bit of mystery involved, and because you can choose the base colour you get a good idea of what you'll get. Take a look at these jewel-like masterpieces with their gathered ankles, wonderfully loose and baggy styling, adjustable shoulder straps, button-up sides and masses of pockets. Wear them with a vest or a T, a fine roll neck or a big chunky knit. With boots or sandals, slippers or beaded flats. Whatever you wear them with, you'll find yourself smiling – they're such a funky wear!

Classic men's and ladies dungarees in Gheri cotton

Gheri cotton is lovely stuff, woven with skill on an ancient type of loom. These classic dungas are made from colourful patches of Gheri cotton in rainbow colours, with a blue background that gives you a denim-like look. And that, along with their long, slimline outline, makes our Gheri cotton patchwork dungarees a very popular buy indeed. They have handy adjustable length shoulder straps, great for both small or tall people, and have lots of useful pockets for hands-free comfort: two side pockets, one buttoned pocket on the bib, plus a back pocket. The sides button up too, in that classic dungaree way.

Unisex dungaree fun in a choice of jewel colours – Men, women and kids

Women and men adore these, our unisex long patchwork dungarees in three lush colours. Enjoy a blend of amazing blues, deep reds or leafy greens, each pair featuring a host of classic dungaree features. They come with adjustable shoulder straps, nice and wide for comfort. They have gathered ankles, and more pockets that you might expect make them very practical. The patchwork is over-printed with cool symbols. Again, you can wear them indoors and out, with a shirt or blouse, T shirt or vest underneath. They're fun to wear, comfortable, ideal for lockdown and equally wearable in winter or summer. We even do a children's version, perfectly practical for small people.

Mad for it! Meet our unisex tie dye patchwork harem dungarees

Choose from blue, green or purple. Our stunningly vivid tie dye patchwork harem dungarees with pockets are also unisex. They're made from lovely, comfortable, non stretchy over-dyed printed cotton fabrics and come with all the essential bells and whistles you expect from dungarees: adjustable length shoulder straps, a couple of deep pockets at the waist, a front pocket and another at the back. They have button up sides, elasticated ankles, and a good, wide fit at the hips for comfort. But as usual, the colours are the stars of the show. Wow! 

Discover a world of amazing alternative dungarees

Dungarees have a fascinating history. The word 'dungaree' was first mentioned in the 1600s, referring to a cheap, coarse, thick cotton cloth, often coloured blue but sometimes white, worn by poor people in a dockside village called Dongri near what was then called Bombay. The Hindi name of this cloth was 'dungri', exported to England to make cheap, robust working clothes. The English eventually began to call dungri cloth 'dungaree' and the rest, as they say, is history. To discover all our brilliant alternative dungarees, click here or search our site for 'dungarees'. We'll deliver them quickly and efficiently, right to your doorstep. Happy shopping, people. Love from the Wicked Dragon team - and stay safe!

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