Special Feature - The Magical Pixie Wrap Skirt

There are loads of names for pixies, including pixy, pixi, pizkie, piskie and pigsie, an ancient name from Cornwall. In fact pixies are thought to be concentrated around Devon and Cornwall, both counties the Romans didn't bother invading because they were so wild and barren, hard to reach and even harder to travel through. Devon and Cornwall are also believed to be the last land on which the original Celts survived: small, wiry, fierce, dark haired people. No wonder some say 'pixie' is a word originating in the depths of the West Country, and that's also where the ancient legends of pixies were born.

So where does the pixie legend originate?

The origin of pixies is long lost in the mists of time. But there's a fascinating theory. There are plenty of flood legends around the world, including the Christian flood legend concerning Noah. They might well be down to an ancestral memory dating back to the time when the last ice age ended and vast floods changed the landscape unusually quickly. So does the same go for pixies? As scientists discover more our ancient hominid ancestors, people like Lucy, the Neanderthals, and Homo Florensis, AKA Flora, we're learning that we haven't been the only type of human on the planet for very long. Relatively recently there were probably numerous tribes of human-like 'little people' like Lucy and Flora living quietly throughout the world, and modern humans probably encountered them. Fascinatingly, modern human DNA often contains Neanderthal DNA, proving we actually got on rather well with that particular hominid. Are our stories of pixies and fairies ancestral memories of our ancient hominid relatives, folk who were a lot smaller than us, exotic, different and sometimes even seen as magical? It's an interesting thought.

Pixie skirts 'r us!

We have no idea where the modern idea of pixie clothing came from. Why should pixies wear clothes with pointy hems? Whatever the reason, it has passed into folklore and more or less everyone, when asked to draw a pixie, will put it in green pointy clothes. Pixie skirts are, however, completely different. You won't look like you've dressed up as a pixie, the look is a whole lot subtler and cleverer than that. It's all about nature, about the natural world in all its stunningly lovely glory. Here are three of our customers' best-loved, favourite pixie wrap skirts.

The pixie mini skirt

Our 100% cotton pixie mini skirt is short and very, very sweet with its lush lace detailing and super-pointy hemline. It comes in black, purple or dark green and features crochet embroidery on the waistband and lacing up the sides for a lovely fit. It looks amazing with heels or pretty flats, and seriously stylish worn with your biker boots, thick tights and a big leather jacket.

The Nature Spirit pixie wrap skirt

No wonder this one flies of our shelves so quickly. It's the fabric leaves that make it extra special, although the whole thing, with its glorious colour combinations and contrasting patterned fabric, is special. The little attached purse is really sweet and very practical, perfect for a few fivers, your lippy, phone and keys, and the popper waist means you always get a brilliant, flattering fit.

Our mid length mandala print wrap skirt

A pixie wrap skirt that isn't quite as obviously pixie-ish, this is a beautiful thing, a glorious addition to your wardrobe in either olive green or funky red-purple, embellished with embroidered and printed mandala symbols and featuring our signature attached purse. A little longer than the others, it's more of a pencil skirt silhouette and as such is really flattering. Like all our skirts is can be worn casual, smart or properly dressed up with bling and heels. Whatever your feelings about pixies, whatever your feelings about fashion, a pixie skirt will liven up your wardrobe and add a little bit of difference to your life, comfortable, easy to wear and absolutely beautiful.

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