Sustainable fashion, recycled fashion, fast fashion and slow fashion

Sustainable fashion, recycled fashion, fast fashion and slow fashion

Welcome to November! The festive season is glimmering on the horizon, a treat to come. The nights are drawing in, getting darker and chillier. You’re rummaging around searching for the winter woollies you stashed back in the spring. And you’re on the hunt for some gorgeous new alternative clothes to boost your winter wardrobe. Welcome to our world! This time around we’ve found a load of interesting fashion-inspired bits and bobs for you, inspired by the concept of slow fashion rather than fast fashion, supported by the current huge boom in sustainable fashion.

Alternative winter clothing – Boho fashion with a warm heart!

One of the best things about our gorgeous alternative clothing is the opportunities it gives you for creative layering. Take a pair of our lush velvet mandala print leggings. Add fluffy socks in a contrasting or toning colour. Throw one of our beautiful wrap skirts on, or a mandala print long skirt. Choose a long sleeve mandala print top, and pick out a beautifully colourful, super-warm boho winter coat or hooded jacket to go on top. You look FABULOUS!

Indian designer uses waste fabric for couture fashion

Thanks to Reuters for reporting a great story about a designer after our own heart. Plenty of the clothes and accessories we sell are made from recycled fabrics, including sari material. New Delhi based fashion label Doodlage is owned by Kriti Tula. She collects waste fabrics with ‘minor defects’ from factories then crafts the material into stunning flowing dresses. Having had first hand experience of the waste created by manufacturers of high street fashion, she is keen to redress the balance.

At the same time, PETA India (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has announced the winner of its Vegan Fashion Awards. Congratulations to the Indian brands Empyrean Luxury, Ed-a-Mamma, I am Animal, Thaely, and many more successful players in the nation’s sustainable fashion scene. It’s also good to know that here in the UK, H&M has just launched a PETA-approved animal-friendly range.

Stella McCartney ‘begs’ UK government to regulate the fashion sector

As part of COP26, fashion leaders like McCartney are calling on fashion firms to halve their emissions by 2030. The media widely reports on the fashion designer Stella McCartney, who is calling for more government regulation of the fashion industry. She is known for her sustainable fashion focus, and right now she is ‘begging’ for policy to be put in place.

McCartney is responsible for supporting a variety of sustainable new materials including Bolt Threads’ mycelium leather, plus NuCycl and Econyl, which are both made of regenerated nylon from post-consumer waste and ocean plastics. She’s also the creator of the world’s first ever Vegan football boots. 

Fast fashion failure

Fashion is the world’s third biggest manufacturer. As such it’s responsible for 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions as well as polluting water and air. ‘Fast fashion’ is the worst sinner of all – the type of cheap clothing you buy, wear once or twice, then throw away. Slow fashions, on the other hand, last you for years! Our clothing is affordable. It’s unusual. It’s beautiful. But it’s not fast fashion. You don’t just buy our alternative clothing to wear twice then discard. It’s beautifully made, and it’s made to last.

What will you treat yourself to this November?

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