Wicked advent, seasonal good wishes, love to you all

It’s that time of year again. Doesn’t time fly. Talk about flying, so are we – we’re flying around our office and warehouse getting people’s orders out in time for the festivities, and it looks like you’re all planning a very colourful time indeed!

24 wicked advent special offers on our alternative fashions

Fantastic bargains are the name of the game with our Wicked Advent. Keep your eyes on our social accounts at Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest for a series of 24 brilliant advent offers on the run-down to the big day.

Our last day to send out parcels before Christmas is the 22nd December, so make sure to place your order for delicious alternative clothing and other cool goodies by then.

So what’s your festive season going to look like?

For many of us the Winter Solstice is the biggest thing of all, the time the darkness is at its darkest and the point at which the northern hemisphere begins to get a tiny bit lighter day by day. When you’re not a lover of long, dim days and even longer cold nights the Equinox is a breath of fresh air, a signal of hope, a sign spring is just over the horizon.

If you’re into Christmas itself you’ll be in for a feast, just like people have feasted at this time of year since time began. The Christian celebration sits on top of something a lot older, something ancient and raw and slightly frightening. People would mark the turn of the planet towards spring, praying to the pagan gods for a good harvest the following year. In some years the food ran out before spring, leaving communities struggling, so it was vital to get the gods on-side.

The origins of Christmas lie in Roman culture as well as pagan. In December the Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a two week festival honouring Saturn the god of agriculture. On December 25th itself, they celebrated the birth of Mithra the sun god. Visit many old churches and you’ll see pagan symbolism hidden amongst the Christian stuff, for example beautiful Celtic spirals carved in secret places, high up or close to the ground.

It’s clear the people preferred to hedge their bets by including references to the old gods as well as the new one. It’s understandable. If you’ve always relied on the pagan gods to keep life and limb together, you wouldn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water!

Whatever you do this Xmas, fill it with love

Love matters all year round, but at this time of year we take it out of its box, give it a good polish, and display it for everyone to see. Whatever you do this festive season, we wish you love. Let’s raise a glass to 2024, a fresh new year when – who knows – magic might just happen.

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